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Interview with A Beck on New Summer Anthem, "You Coming Back?"

Orlando-based artist A Beck is back with yet another summer anthem that will find its way to the top of your golden hour playlist. The single, “You Coming Back?,” tells of a long-distance relationship and the anticipation of waiting for his lover to return home from college for the summer. Beck leads with a strong, new-age belt vocal tied into an electronic pop beat. Produced by Kmo the Bro, the track features an acoustic-style synth that plays perfectly into Beck’s pure sound. Hopeful yet yearnful, “You Coming Back?” hits close to home in all the best ways.

How did you get started making music? Who or what first inspired you?

I got started in music just being inspired by my pops, who was a trumpet player, then my cousin started making beats and I started freestyling on them. We just grew upgrading equipment through middle school to high school to eventually getting into real studios.

Who are your musical influences? Who do you listen to when you’re not making your own music?

Phil Collins is a big influence on me. I would list T-Pain, Kid Cudi, John Mayer and Kevin Gates. That's really all I listen to combined with Landstrip Chip and A Boogie.

You have an incredibly unique sound— how would you describe it? What elements do you like to include in your music?

I appreciate that! I would describe my sound as being pop, space, hip hop and r&b all in one. It's kind of like A Boogie meets Post Malone and partynextdoor at a party and they all formed into one artist.

What was the process like creating “You Coming Back?” and collaborating with Kmo the Bro? What inspired the track?

The process was super simple. That's how I like to go into writing a record. Kmo is super dope-- he's only been producing for a year, and when I heard the beat I was like “yeah, let me have that. “ I was super inspired by Yellow Card and the Ocean Avenue record at that point-- I felt it immediately, so I was like “this is some Florida-at-the-beach-love-stuff, let’s do it.”

You’ve put out a bunch of work in 2021— how has COVID impacted your creative process? How have you been able to work through the pandemic?

I've usually recorded at home to be super efficient, so basically I've been sitting on all this music for a long time that I've just been recording. Then I met my engineer Jovon-- he mixes from home-- so I was like, “let's just get it all ready and onload, we shouldn't wait anymore.”

Who’s your dream collaboration after the pandemic?

My dream collab would have to be T-Pain because he has been such a big influence on my music. It would all come full circle for me-- even if it never came out, it would mean a lot to me personally.

What advice would you give yourself ten years ago, or when you first got started making music? / What words do you live by?

To be honest, I would just tell myself to be you and embrace your feelings. When I began making music I wasn't really writing about who I was and what was going on in my life. Once I started writing music with real stories and real emotions, it just started flowing and it became something my fans can really connect with. I'm really happy about that. We have to learn and grow though you know.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Singles on top of singles on top of singles. I plan on releasing at least one single every month, a couple of remixes here and there, all based around the feeling of what time of the year we are in and how that made me feel. I don't want to leave my fans waiting for anything just keep pumping out the records and growing.

A Beck’s “You Coming Back?” is available now on all streaming platforms. Find him on social media @abeckmusic (Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook) and @abeck_music (Twitter).

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