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Multitalented Ry Hill Welcoming a New Wave of Electro Acoustics with Single "Staring at the Sun"

Hailing from Los Angeles, multitalented singer, producer, and DJ Ry Hill is changing the game of music production and welcoming a new wave, electro-acoustic era. Otherwise known as Cameron DeFaria, the artist is no stranger to live performance-- he grew up singing and playing lead guitar in rock bands before discovering his passion for DJing at 17. He later went on to study at the illustrious Music Industry program at the University of Southern California. Not only did this set the spark for his signature indie-electronic sound, but it marks the beginning of a career that has reached audiences at SOULECTION’s Sango and Lake Len, as well as upwards of one million Soundcloud streams.

Hill’s latest single, “Staring at the Sun,” showcases the best of his unique, new-age classic sound. He uses a prodigious fusion of acoustic instrumentals, a four-on-the-floor beat, electro-futuristic vocals and bass, and a house synth resting atop the track to create a floating, out-of-body sensation. His intention behind the track has an equally enticing appeal, leaving much up to the listener’s interpretation. “I really hope that listeners will find their own meaning in the sparse yet metaphoric lyrics,” he says of the track. The vocal, ambiguous lyrics in tow, sits amidst a hypnotic groove that will leave listeners hanging on every beat.

The video for the single, released on May 31gives lingering bits of context through its cinematic, emotive storytelling. “The music video reflects the anxieties associated with self-isolation,” Hill shares. “Where I came from and what’s going through my mind is sort of up for interpretation. I may have just come from a date that went terribly, or maybe I’m having a bad trip. Or an existential crisis.” The video is especially poignant upon its release as the self-isolation period of COVID-19 begins to return to normal, sharing the immensely relatable feelings of being alone in the midst of an active world. “The director Danny Higgins and DP Fio Karpenko did an excellent job making it all come together.”

While Hill is no stranger to the music industry, we know for sure that this won’t be the last we see of him-- not even in 2021. With his charming authenticity and mesmerizing production, we’ll be staring at the sun until his next drop.

Ry Hill’s “Staring at the Sun” is available now on all streaming platforms. Find him on Instagram @cdeffff and Twitter @camerondefaria.

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