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Multitalented Soleil on Vulnerability in New Single, "Noise"

Miami-based singer-songwriter Soleil is back with another single-- this time, something totally unexpected. Born and raised in New York, the artist grew up writing music in her own home as a child, eventually settling in Miami to further pursue her passion. She has since found great success in the local, national, and international scenes, reaching audiences through the stage, radio, and print media. Utilizing influences from R&B, Soul, Pop, Jazz, EDM and more, she has created a uniquely bold and versatile vocal sound that has a foothold in any genre.

Soleil’s latest single, “Noise,” is a far departure from her previous upbeat indie-club work on single “Whose Side?” released earlier in 2021. The new track details a much darker tale-- one of love and murder. "At the time of writing, 'Noise,' I was a bystander to a crime scene; I was recording in a place down the street of the crime scene when I learned about the crime,” Soleil says of the song. "The husband killed his wife and tried to bury her in the backyard. The whole situation really shook me, and led me to writing 'Noise.'" She expertly channels this harrowing experience into a heart-wrenching lyric, with a strong narrative and even stronger storytelling. The track showcases a darker, much more sinister side of Soleil’s polished, velvety sound; the addition of acoustic strings and a deep double bass add richness and emotional grit for a doubly compelling performance. Her powerful lead vocal holds an underlying sense of desperation for answers, creating a graphic image that leaves the listener speechless.

The video for “Noise,” released on May 28, is equally sinister, with a vintage drama aesthetic illuminating Soleil’s gripping account. Directed by Samantha Pertusiello, the video uses delicate imagery and intimate close-ups to draw further upon Soleil’s deep emotional reflection. The hazy, antique videography pairs perfectly with the modern light overlays to combine old glamour with the modern complexity and depth of Soleil’s soulful vocal. As co-director on the project, Soleil’s creative vision expands beyond the music and into her holistic understanding of art and creation from all angles.

There’s no doubt that Soleil is endlessly versatile-- from her upbeat club tracks to her latest deep emotional undertaking, from her music production to her video direction, and everything in between. Who’s to say what the impressively multitalented Soleil will do next? We can’t wait to see.

Soleil’s latest single, “Noise,” is out now on all streaming platforms. Find her on social media @SolefulSoul.

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