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Singer-Songwriter Lena Fine Yearns for a Vibrant World with "Dance Partner"

From Montclair, NJ and now based in Philadelphia, Lena Fine has emerged as a budding artist in indie-folk music today. Starting at 14 years old, Fine has been sharpening her songwriting through her own personal perspective, with three previous albums released and collaborations with various Philly-based producers. The artist, whose sound is sonically reminiscent of predecessors and peers like Pinegrove and Julia Jackin, aims to make music that resonates with young listeners searching for feelings of nostalgia. With the incoming release of her new EP “Dance Partner” with producer Robert Fine and Jake Hoffpauir of Picnic House Mix on Dime + Dog Records, her eponymous single channels the slowly illuminating energy of Summer 2021 as the world slowly comes back to life.

Written during the previous summer, in which society was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Fine felt inspiration from the idea of someone or something coming to bring change when everyday life is at a standstill. She says, “I think it’s safe to say that, during quarantine, all of us reached a point where we were so incredibly bored that we were grasping at strings to keep us together”. The track captures her somber mood while remaining hopeful for a light at the end of the tunnel as better days lie ahead.

Laden with acoustic melodies and strings at a slow pace, “Dance Partner” evokes the feeling of isolation as if the listener is continually suspended through the same routine day-by-day. With lines such as “Clumps in the mattress from all the days I was laying, choking the springs/Weighed down by everything/Windows open from morning through to dusk, praying that something would break up the air and the settling of the dust” hits particularly hard for those looking to be immersed in a new experience and shaken of motivation.

This sentiment is reinforced by the chorus, in which Fine wishes for a dance partner who could “remember the lines and block out the night”. Yet, Lena’s silky vocals and the lush production are radiant, giving the song an undertone of optimism.

With this new single, Lena Fine provides a powerful moment of catharsis for her listeners as they reflect on their current phase of life onto the next one. From this release, Lena has more emotionally resonant stories ahead as her journey continues.

Lena Fine’s newest single, “Dance Partner”, is available now on streaming platforms. Find her on Instagram @_lenafine_ & on Twitter @_lenafine.

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